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We’re not your average beauty retailer. The Unexpekted Store brings all of our brands together in one easy-to-shop location. Some you’ll already know as high-street heroes that have been delivering great results for years, others are newer kids on the beauty block that we know you’re going to love just as much.

We only bring you brands and products that we have either developed and manufactured in-house, and are therefore truly passionate about, or brands that are Friends of the Unexpekted - who have developed products that we wish we’d created.

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Super Facialist
Launched in 2012, the Super Facialist team understand that no two complexions are the same. Our products have been developed to be mixed and matched so you can create your ideal skincare regime. Using a combination of high performing scientific ingredients, natural extracts and exquisite aromas to give you that facialist feeling. Every Day.
Super Facialist
Dirty Works
Ready to liven up your bathroom? Since 2010, the Dirty Works team have been big believers in self-care and with this in mind, created fun, glamorous, high quality formulations with incredible fragrances. Our affordable Washing & Bathing, Gift, and Skincare products hold three core values - fragrant, fun and fabulous, for the ultimate bathroom escapism!
Dirty Works

Dirty Works Some Like It Hot

5.0 Stars 1 Reviews
RRP: £11.00

Dirty Works Sleeping Beauty Unwind Set

5.0 Stars 1 Reviews
RRP: £8.00

Dirty Works Give Me Soak Bathtime Essentials

5.0 Stars 1 Reviews
RRP: £7.00

Dirty Works Lip, Laugh, Love Lip Duo

5.0 Stars 2 Reviews
RRP: £3.00

Dirty Works Greatest Mitts Handcare Duo

5.0 Stars 1 Reviews
RRP: £6.00