Our mission at DrSALTS+ is to bring the therapeutic benefits of Epsom Salts into your bathroom. Our wellness-led range harnesses the power of magnesium packed Epsom Salts along with premium essential oils to provide a restorative influence on mind and body.

Soak away the stresses and strains of the day, whether you’re looking to unwind or soothe muscle aches after a workout, DrSALTS+ has a therapy for you. All our Bath Salts are made from 100% pure mineral Epsom Salts and 100% natural essential oils.

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Therapeutic solutions

Proven for its therapeutic benefits, Epsom Salts support the mind and body in multiple ways, including:

• Helps relieve muscle strain and tension
• Energises the body and helps boost circulation
• Helps replenish the body with minerals after intense exercise
• Aids in relieving stress for the mind and body

Our range includes four regimes: Muscle, Post-Workout, Recharge and Calming - each targeting different physical and emotional needs. Supported by our new 100% recyclable packaging, DrSALTS+ looks after mind, body, and planet.

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