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Summer beauty myths debunked

Summer beauty myths debunked
Jo Hoare
Writer and expert1 year ago
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The beauty world is filled with experts telling us to do this and avoid that, use this product and never apply that. And, while we could all use a little advice now and then, it can get confusing trying to keep up with what you should be doing to keep your skin, hair and nails looking their best, especially in the summer months.  

So, we’ve pulled together the most common beauty advice around and uncovered the truth on what you really should (and shouldn’t) be doing when it comes to your beauty routine. Get ready to get to the real truth of the matter…

Myth: You don’t need SPF when it’s cloudy

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll tell you again - SPF is a must all year-round, no matter the weather. While it’s especially important to wear SPF when the sun is shining, UV rays can also penetrate through clouds and windows, and reach you when you’re sat in the shade, so it’s important to keep your skin protected at all times. This is because UV rays can not only cause skin sensitivity and sunburn, but they can also cause fine lines and signs of ageing as well as, in more serious cases, skin cancer. Take action by applying SPF regularly - no matter the weather!

Myth: Dark skin tones don’t need SPF

It’s a common misconception that people with dark skin tones don’t need to apply SPF. While it’s true that dark skin contains a higher level of melanin, meaning it absorbs less of the suns UV rays, dark skin can still be prone to sunburn, skin ageing and skin cancer if not properly protected.

Applying an SPF regularly will help prevent this - just opt for clear formulas to ensure you aren’t left with an unwanted white cast.

Myth: The sun makes your hair grow faster

This is an interesting one as, like all good myths, there is an element of truth in it. This is because sun exposure causes our bodies to produce vitamin D, which alongside many health benefits, can strengthen hair, prevent shedding and stimulate new follicles.

Vitamin D may be responsible for improving our hair health, however, pro-longed sun exposure can also have a detrimental effect on our strands causing them to become dry, brittle and breakage prone. Combat this by applying a hair mask after sun exposure to nourish and strengthen hair so it stays looking it’s best.

Myth: Applying moisturiser will make skin oiler

It’s true that during the summer months, warm weather can cause our skin to become oilier, but that doesn’t mean you should skip moisturiser in favour of the au naturelle approach.

Oil is the skins attempt to re-hydrate itself and it produces more when it’s not getting enough moisture from elsewhere. Alongside drinking more water, applying a hydrating moisturiser daily will actually help reduce oil production, meaning you’ll stay shine free for longer.

Myth: You can’t use retinol in the summer

Retinol is a wonder ingredient, praised for its ability to reduce fine lines, clear blemishes and fight signs of ageing. It does this by increasing the speed our skin cells turnover, which in turn can make the skin more sensitive to sun-damage.

Rather than avoiding it all together during the summer, simply think smarter about applying it. Always apply retinol at night and be sure to wear an SPF in the day to keep skin protected.

Myth: You MUST overhaul your skincare routine when the season changes

Every summer we hear about the benefits of re-hauling our rich, heavy winter skincare routine in favour of something lighter. While there are plus points to switching to a less nourishing routine in summer, it’s important to listen to your skin.

We live by the rule, if it’s not broke - don’t fix it, so if your current routine is working for you, it’s best not to mess around. Your skin will tell you what it needs when it’s ready!

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Jo Hoare
Writer and expert
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Jo Hoare is an editor and author with over 17 years experience. She spent a decade at heat magazine at the height of its popularity where her favourite memories are One Direction popping in the office with cakes and flying to a private tropical island with a hair brand. Post-heat she went on to freelance across titles like Grazia, Glamour and Stylist before heading up Superdrug’s content team. She is now a freelance editor and author with eight published books.